Pianesi Transparent Label

Pianesi Transparent Label is is a simple, efficiently and cheap means to know the characteristics of products we use, for home care, for working environment and for personal care. Consumer has fully traceability of the supply chain of each raw material used.

On the Transparent Label you can find informations about: quality( tipology of production of the raw material); sustainability (water used, energy consumed...); traceability (distribution chains). In our products with more raw materials, for each element you can find the most important  informations. We put the original price to highlight the business realtionship with craftsmen: they have a fundamental and sacred which should be safeguarded.

It's possible to have more informations (analysis, reports...) calling Un’Acquila that manages quality service. Pianesi Transparent Label is a fundamental means against trade fraud problem that allow an illegal trade of counterfaits for billions of euros!