About us

“SECOLARE” is a craft laboratory, designs, plan and  produce unique objects.

Born to give you quality products maded to last, covered by transparent informations ensuring  the traceability of raw materials used.

Our Story

After twenty years of production and sale of natural products, through  Una Tartaruga Srl experience, the brand : “Secolare” was born.

This project intends to focus the attention on solid wood furniture to be passed down from generation to generation. Objects made of selected wood, from cultivation or recovered, which never look the same, all our products is custom-made to the needs of the customer.

Buyng our piece of furniture, in addition to given all the informations about the manufactured article life, you too will be able to take part in the “Un Bosco per la Città” project, giving your contribution to the environment.

. visite website www.unboscoperlacitta.it 

Our commitment to the environments is expressed by giving you a plant each our  piece of furniture, if you don't have enough space, we will plant it for you.

You, the consumer, can contribute to the improvement -maintaining- worsening of environment, agricolture, nutrition, health and economy.  

We are trying to put in place the principles of Macrobiotic MA-PI, but our company still cannot be totally in order, so in our labels you can find some data concerning not founded elements, and data about non natural substances in full respect of the principles of transparency!                                                                                                  

We thank Prof. Doct. Mario Pianesi, who gave us the opportunity to publish in our credits some of his original theoretical and pratical study about Environment - Agricolture - Nutrition - Health - Economy, the National and International Association UPM Un Punto Macrobiotico  and Un Lupo publishing house to gave us all the informations.