Terms and conditions


In compliance with the dispositions of the sale of consumer goods guidance contained in the Decree no. 206 of 6 september 2005, this agreement and following terms corcern the distance sales of prieces of furnitures and furnishing accessories through internet site Secolaremobili.com.
All prices include VAT, but it does not include any travel and installation expenses which are determined on the basis of the distance and of the difficulties in delivering and which will be signalled before the purchase is concluded after entering the delivery adress and it must be payed in accordance with the contractual provisions at point no. 7. Are excluded from prices: furnishings, bed-bases, mattresses, lamps, chairs and accessories where unless otherwise specified.


Confirming the purchase customer accepts and binds himself to keep to sales conditions and terms of payment indicated in this document in his dealings with Una Tartaruga S.r.l. noting that Una Tartaruga S.r.l. does not consider itself bound to different conditions unless previously agreed in writing.


The client commits themself, upon conclusion of the online purchase proceure, to print and retain:

o    perfomance of the order confirmed

o  this agreement

which was accepted and saw during the purchasing process, all in accordance with the article no. 53, Decree  no. 206/2005.


Given that Secolaremobili.com is a web site of furnitures selling; relative purchases refer to articles only as illustred  and descibed  on line, at the price specified therein (VAT included).
By vertue of the above, before purchase order confirmation,  the customer is shows the unit cost of each product ordered, the total cost when buyng more products and their transport costs. The possible installation, if requested, will be quantified later.
Customer must check the right of data entered at the time of purchaising, to completion of the transaction, customer will receive a  e-mail message containing the Number, the Date and  the total amount of his own order.

The agreement shall be deemed when Una Tartaruga S.r.l. will sent to the customer the above message, without prejudice to the right of recession of as art. no.9 .
Una Tartaruga S.r.l, receipt and checked th order, will contact the customer to concordate delivery or shipment.


The balance of products purchased can be carried out by the customer, before delivering, prepaid cards are also accepted, issued by italian institute linked by Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard circuits, or by advance elctronic bank transfer made payable to: Una Tartaruga s.r.l.
If payment is made by credit card the custome shoul be pay the specified sum, the purchase should will received from the holdercard, which should will show to the fitter a copy of credit card and a copy of a valid identity documents; a copy of identity documents and of the credit card may be required by fax at the moment of  order phone confirmation.


The customer is responsible to advise the company Una Tartaruga s.r.l. to the existance of streets, stairs or particulary narrow streets or, anyway, to make the delivery difficulty. Expenditur relating to the possible use of escalators or lifts will born by the customer.

The carriage is performed by couriers agreements with Una Tartaruga s.r.l. which is excluded from any responsability in case of godds damage.
The possible assembly by the assigned company or by Una Tartaruga srl don't laying down the mains connections, water connections or fire connections. The fitter is not responsable if, during the drilling of any wall, a not expected tube will be perforated ( ex: gas tube,  sewage tube, electric tube, air conditioner tube).
On ground of alla hazards not before adviced to the fitter are responsability of the customer which he is operator or owner of the building or also in case of he having the building in  an other form.


The conclusion of the contract shall be subject to delivery service in the achieved cities verificable on the web site before  the purchasing.
Products will be delivered to the adress specified by the customer on the web site Secolaremobili.com or to the adress registered on the Paypal site. Possible variations may be given by phone to the operator during the delivery organisation.
The transport costs are specified after typing the city of delivery and are required. Articles with variable weights and sizes will be quantified with a prior.


The goods purchased are subject to the guarantee provided to Decree no.206/05.
The warranty will be applied only if the product present lacks of conformity and/or malfuctions not checkable  at the time of purchase.
In any case, the customer have the charge of verifying the defect of confrmity and the date of him manifestation.

At the delivery, the customer must immediately inspect the furniture and check their quality, the absence of faults or defects, and the conformity with the order, quantitative and qualitative mismatch, any dispute, faults, defects, discrepancies, or any other are to be reported within 8 days of receipt to the products by recorded delivery letter with advice of delivery. IN case of discordance or discrepance at the delivery, after the annotations of the fitters, the customer must sign the check tab to guarantee the replacement of goods sold.
For any comunications write to:
Una Tartaruga S.r.l. 
Via E. Mattei, 8 61032 Fano (PU)
In case of recognized counterclaims, the Una Tartaruga S.r.l. is required to repair in a workmanlike manner, and if  the repair is not praticable by Una Tartaruga S.r.l., the company is required to replace the products. But, if the company suppliying not produca anymore the same line of furniture,  Una Tartaruga S.r.l. is able to offer to  customer a range of furniture of equal value, or to return the funds to the customer.
These possibilities shall be valid only during the applicable warranty period.
The company Una Tartaruga S.r.l. declines any responsability in case of malfuctions of the appliances included into the furniture or those for free installation. The purchasers  should directly request to manufactures assistance, via the helpline on the warranty booklet which you can find inside of your appliance. 
Where appliances are included, all the amounts are not inclusive of RAEE contribution, it is charged to the buyer and it will be provide by an our operator. 


The Decree no. 206/05 recognise to  the customer the right to exercising the right o withdrawal within 14 working days after receiving the item. To exercise this right, the customer must send a registered letter with advice of delivery within the time-limit fixed to the following adress:
Una Tartaruga S.r.l.
Via E. Mattei 8 61032  Fano (PU)
After the receipt of the goods and after inspecting the compliance, the Una Tartaruga S.r.l. will proceed to the reimburse the credit of what was received for the purchase of products only, reserves its a possible compensation for products damaged.

Reimbursement of the sums received by Una Tartaruga S.r.l. for the only purchasing of products will be paid by bank transfer to the current account indicated by the customer. 
The return costs of goods at the consignor shall be born by the customer.
In case in which the right of withdrawal is exercised after the expiry of the period as specified in Article no.64 Decree no, 206/2005 the company Una Tartaruga S.r.l. will reject the good at the customer by charging the same the shipping costs.


This online sell agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with italians laws. Any controversyarising from this agreement the territorial imperative is the court of the place of residnce or domicile of the customer, if located in Italy. 

11.               PRIVACY

For the estabilishment and execution of this online sell agreement, is necessary the customer's free expression of the consent concernig the processing of personal data by the company Una Tartaruga S.r.l. In light of this, and in accordance with Article no. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no.196/2003, as subsequently amended, we provide you with the following information: 

The personaI data supplied will be processed with electronic tools for following purpose:

1.   progressing of the purchasing online and of the activities of customer service be able to ask at possible questions presented through electornic systems. 

2. offers of promotions, discounts, benefits and other services, as well as for the sending - also via email, sms or newsletter - of commercial or promotional  information and free products, research into the market and reporting of the all special initiatives devoted to the users of website Secolaremobili.com

The provision of the requested data, while not compulsory, is necessary to the execution of the service of on-line purchasing and an eventual refusal to supply them results the impossibility for the conduct of the procedure. 

These data will be processed in relation to contractuaI  requirements or to fulfill legal or fiscal requirements, . They may also be processed to allow for the effective management financial and commercial relationship, this treatment will be for the entire duration of the contractual relationship  and also subsequently, for the performance of the all legal obligations and for administrative, commercial and statistical purposes. 
Your personal data will be used by means of paper and of procedure electronic, information and telematic means betweenI.
Your data are processed lawfully and fairly, in accordance with the laws of security and privacy.
For commercial reasons of the  Una Tartaruga S.r.l., customer's data may be disclosed in Italy and/or abroad, or used in commercial service o to do commercial communications.
Your data may be communicated to Una Tartaruga S.r.l. staff responsible for processing the same, to the Management, Administrative Office, Commercial Office, Delivery Office in particulary. The same data may be communicated to the financial groups and to the fitters, as strictly necessary to them perform.
The holder of your personal data processing is the company Una Tartaruga S.r.l. Via E.Mattei 8 61032  Fano (PU).
The Principal of the your personal data processing is the legal representative at the adress Via e. Mattei 8 61032 Fano (PU).
In accordance with the Article no. 7 of Decree no. 196/2003 the customer can exercise his rights, to oppose their processing, to have access to the data on himself/herself and and verify the correctness and the use for which they are meant and if necessary request their update, correction or deletion. 
You may also deny data handling for lawful reasons requesting cancellation.

Completing the purchase processing the customer confirm that he/she has been thoroughly informed abaout the purposes and methods of processing, the subjects or the cathegories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated also the execution of his/her rights and therefore gives consent to the processing of ther data for the personal purposes.